Sondern-Adler Construction
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The Construction Photos

Back in 2003 when this web site was being constructed and "current" photos of the Sondern-Adler home were being added to the site a realtor commented that original construction photos of the home existed somewhere.  A few cursory inquiries to the Kansas City Missouri Public Library, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and other sources yielded no results.  The effort to find these went dormant for several years until 2009 when a contact at the Nelson-Atkins museum said there was an off-site storage location that might have some additional files related to the Sondern-Adler home.  A look into the file found 108 black and white photos of the home's construction and the majority of these are here for all to view now.  Notably visible in the pictures is the Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice John (Jack) Howe who personally supervised the construction.  If you have information related to the people, vehicles or other activity in these photos please email our webmaster.

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