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This is the "official site" of the Roanoke Protective Homes Association, on-line as of July 17, 2003.  

The Historic Roanoke neighborhood is located in the heart of the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area.  Browse our pages to learn more about the history of our unique neighborhood.

Visit some of Roanoke's most popular pages:

See some Historic Homes along with details about the history of each one including the Thomas Hart Benton home.

Frank Lloyd Wright Sondern-Adler Home - Construction Photo Discovery: A large number of 1940 era construction photos have been found and displayed on this site.  Some of these show Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice Jack Howe supervising the construction.  Visit our Sondern-Adler Construction page to learn more about the construction photos and if you know something about the home, people, vehicles or other activity in the photos please email our webmaster at


Roanoke Park Cave Mystery: Have you heard about the Roanoke Park Cave Mystery.  It's true that there is a cave in Roanoke Park right in the middle of Kansas City.  Very few seem to know about it and very little has been written about it over the years.  Visit our Roanoke Park Cave Mystery page to learn more about the cave and if you know something about it please email our webmaster at


Roanoke Living History Video: This video was compiled and created by B. Scott Nelson of Nelson Creative Works.  Scott is a long time Roanoke Resident and contributor to many creative endeavors involving the neighborhood.  The video is a 7MB Quicktime file so click this link with care.  View the video here.




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